30/1/2017, Mail Art: "DADA no DADA", At Refugees Museum/ Sykies/ Thessaloniki

30/1/2017: Opening of 2 exhibitions:

Mail Art: "DADA no DADA"  &  "Collage"

At Refugees Museum/ Sykies/ Thessaloniki 


Photography Center of Thessaloniki and artist group TeeToTuM Organize the 3rd International Photo Based Mail Art exhibition:“DADA No DADA”

This exhibition is part of a series of events that will take place in Thessaloniki, on the occasion of 100 years since the founding of Cabaret Voltaire.

The exhibition will present all the works of artists (from all over the world) who will attempt to trace in today echoes the practices of Dada: such as nihilistic side, lack of control and logic, humor and ingenuity, subversive political criticism, noise and source creative momentum.

In complete contradiction with the spirit of the Dadaists, which undoubtedly will be the most violent opponents of this “anniversary” initiative, it is extremely interesting to highlight the “anti-art” today, heretical and groundbreaking visual proposals, although of course there are, maybe they have something important to tell us.

In February 2016 has been the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, a place that hosted the first actions of the Dada movement.

Just two years later on 1918, Tristan Tzara, emblematic figure of the Dadaists, issued the second manifesto of the movement, declaring: “I write this manifesto to show that people can perform contrary actions together while taking one fresh gulp of air; I am against action; for continuous contradiction, for affirmation too, I am neither for nor against and I do not explain because I hate common sense.”

Participants are: Afroditi Kolokotroni (Greece), Agelika Prapa (Greece), Alex Papaioanou (Greece/Sweden), Alexander Limarev (Russia) , Alexandros Dimitriadis (Greece), Alexandros Giannios (Greece), Anand Jaiswal (India), Anastasia Gkitsi (Germany/Greece), Anja Mattila (Finland), Anna Kallidou (Greece), Anna Maria Xatzistefanou (Greece), Antonia Gkampoura (Greece), Antonis Gkourkas (Greece), Anty Xourmouziadou (Greece), Carl Baker (Canada), Carmela Rizzuto (USA), Claudia Garcia (Argentina), Cynthia Morrison (USA), Dadaniel de Culla (Espana), Dalbir Singih (India), Dilip kumar (India), Dimitris Danis -  Neksav Down sydrome school/Visual art group  (Turkey), Dimosthenis Epas (Greece), Dorian Ribas Marinho (Brasil), Dorothee Mesander (Greece), Efthimis mouratidis (Greece),Elena Xatziathanasiou (Greece), Eleni Galani (Greece), Eleni karadagli (Greece), Elli Katsara (Greece), Eri Agriou (Greece), F. Xamidieli (Greece), Froso Papadimitriou (Greece), Fusun Selen Bilgner (Turkey), Georgi Vasilev, Georgia Grigoriadou (Greece), Georgia Trouli (Greece), Giorgos Mantas (Greece), Gloria W. De Oliveira Souza (Brasil), Gurcharan Singh (India), Hilal Tursoluk (Turkey), Hiuler (Germany), Hristina Ludova, I. Monogios (Greece), Ignacio Navarro Cortez (Mexico), Ioanna Kazaki (Greece), Ioannis Linosporis (Greece), Ioannis Pomakis (Greece), Ishu Jindal (India), J. Daniel Mauen (USA), Jaya Daronde Awatare (India), Jerome Joker (USA), Jessica Morfis (Greece), Joey Patricktu (USA), John M. Bennet (USA), Katerina Anastasiou (Greece), Katerina Nikoltsou (Greece), Keti Lialiampidou (Greece), Leena Golnik (Finland), Lome-Lorenzo Menzuzzato (Italia), Lousi Gavriilidou (Greece), Maks Dannecker (Germany), Maria Kotsiampari (Greece), Maria Lambrianidou (Greece), Marina Salmaso (Denmark), Mehak Chalwla (India), Meni Seiridou (Greece), Meral Agar (Turkey), Michael Wagner (Germany), Michel Della Vedova (France), Monica Gupta (India), Nektarios Stamatopoulos (Greece), Nihal Gures (Turkey), Nopi Gaitanidou (Greece), Olga Mavroidis (USA), Olga Souvermerzoglou (Greece), Osvaldo Morales (Chile), Oya Abaci (Turkey), Oznur Kepce (Turkey), Rania Fragkoulidou (Greece), Parthena Xaristea (Greece), Pawan Kumar (India), Pedro Bericat (Spain), Pepi Karagiannaki (Greece), Petros Nikoltsos (Greece), Piet Franzen (Netherlands), Rita Tilkeridou (Greece), Sainte Flavie (Canada), Sean Burn (USA), Shieh Tsaiping (Taiwan), Sofia Amperidou (Greece), Sonya Stankova, Thanasis Raptis (Greece), Turkan Elgi (Turkey), Utkarsh Jaiswal (India), Vasiliki Syrou (Greece), Vasilis Karkatselis (Greece), Vasilis Katsaganis (Greece), Venetia Gazila (Greece), Vinay Awatare (India), Walter Brovia (Argentina), Wolfgang Brenner (Germany), Xenia Zorpidou (Greece), Zefi Athanasopoulou (Greece).