17/9 - 10/10 Boro Rudic, THE HALFTONE OF SHADOW, New Balkan - Thessaloniki 2002.

“Oh sun, what you will be if I’m not the one to admire you and to talk about your greatness?” says Nietzsche in his book “Zaratrusta Speaks So”.
I’m asking to myself whether we should understand the light if the darkness does not exist, and large mysteries would be discovered without their limits? But they are only a beginning and an end of the same content, the beauty is in the harmony of the contents and the massage of the dead, and the artistic point of view is in the manner it was presented to us. Every author who has courage to cope with affair, which we call as masterpiece, looking for the light of inspiration in ourselves we often release the darkness and fear.
Boro Rudic with his photographs, challenged by the light, discovers the beauty of the shadows easy. The halftone that gives volume, decreases the energy of the light and negates the darkness, lighting up its secrets. So in the deeds there is nothing hidden from the light? Gloss and darkness, secret, and each detail is with itself but in the same time it is part of the world around it. This weaving of the photography contents needs consciousness and articulation for the message which the author is telling us, in some precise space and precise time.
Aleksandar Kondev

He was born in 1954 in FYROM, where he studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He was occupied with photography from 1970 until today. 
Boro Rudic is one of the promoters and active organizers of the biggest international photographic exhibitions in FYROM “Photomedia” and currently he is the vice-president of the photographic association of FYROM.
Boro Rudic participated in more than 200 group-exhibitions and solo exhibitions in Germany, Yugoslavia and Turkey and won more than 50 awards including awards from the “Photographica Academinca” in Czech Republic, the “Golden Eye” and “Life” in Yugoslavia, “Photomedia” in Skopje.
His work includes black and white photographs and colored slides.