28/04-12/05 IVO HAJIMISEV. "Aspects of Balkan Photography".

He was born in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1950. Graduated the Bournemouth and Pool College of Arts, Subject Photography, (Great Britain). Titled an “Art Promotin” (1975), on a promotion at the Ministery of Culture. Photoeditor at the “OTECHESTVO” magazine, 1990 –1994, contributor to the Associated Press, co –founder and co –owner of Fomus LTD –one of the founders of “Sega” magazine, deputy editor in chief and build editor of “Sega” magazine, photo editor of “Zenata Dnes” and “Nash Dom” MAGAZINES, co –founder of BFS. Author of more than 20 collections of photographs and photo essays presented mainly in foreign countries England, Austria, France, Holland, Italy, Lithuanian, Poland, Nigeria, USA, Hungary, Mexico, Many Museums and Universities had his collections. Initiated in 1991 –94 seminars with subject “Professional Photography”, with foreign lectors. He also participated in the foundation of the first Bulgarian Photography Collection and in “The Portrait in the Bulgarian Photography” in the National Art Gallery (Sofia). Realized (2000) the Bulgarian –Holland project: “The Bulgarians –Idenity and Tolerance”, Euro –Bulgarian Culture Centre, Ministery of Culture, Sofia. Edited three books with over than 1000 photographs. At the present clairman of the project “CINEMATOSCOPE” or “Sleeping Subjects” of the BFS.