28/04-12/05 BOROVALI ALI,SEARCHING FOR AN EXIT, "Aspects of Balkan Photography".

An “EXIT” can be best –and most briefly –described as a way out. The inevitable, underlying question will then be “out of what? /into where?. A situation, a belief, a place or a space?… In fact, does it really matter? Does what and where matter in a world where all “in”s lead to an “out”, and “out”s are the gate to another “in”?
We are all searching constantly. And searching is what really matters for the way out, SEARCHING FOR AN EXIT… 

Photographer and traveler Ali Borovali wasborn in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1958. A graduate of Bogazici University Business Administration School, Istanbul, he took his masters degree (MBA) in Florida, USA, where he also received his education on photography at Motley School between 1981 –1984. During the subsequent years, his quest of a specialized area led him to the field of photo –journalism. His warks are published by several national and international periodicals, geographic, travel and fashion magazines such as National Geographic, Traveller, Atlas, Skylife, Elle, Marie Claire, Amica e.t.c. He has won numerous awards, including Fujifilm’s highly prized Turkish Press Photographer of the Year (1997), News photographer of the Year (1997) awards and the prestigious Barutcu Cup, only awarded to artists displaying three consecutive years. Exhibited at “Photokina”, Cologne (1998), and successfully represented Turkey in the FIAP International Exhibition of Photography (1996), Fujifilm Europress Photo Awards (1997), and BP OIL Europe’s Young European Artists Project (1998).