13-08.2021 Artists' Books: (1821-2021) Фёдор Достоевский

The project "Artists' Books: (1821-2021) Фёдор Достоевский" will be presented in the frame of the exhibition "Prisoners' Silences -Elegy on Dostoyevski' life and work".

Opening: Wednesday 9th of February, 2022, at Vila Bianca (Casa Bianca) Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki. 9- 26 of February, 2022


Α. «Photography reads Dostoyevski».

Participants are 27 Greek photographers: 

Axaopoulos Kimon, Varnas Manolis, Giannoudaki Rena, Gidari Stella, Deverakis Lefteris, Kapetanaki Evagelia, Karkatselis Vassilis, Kastrineli Ageliki,  Lantzaki Natassa, Melliou Zoi, Monogios Giannis, Mpasias Nikos, Mpatziou Katerina,  Mpenekos Ioannis,  Niora Maria,  Papageorgiou Dimitra, Papanaoum  Kety,  Pavlidaki Erina,  Petridis Giorgos,  Pomakis Giannis,  Prokopiou Dimitris, Svoronou  Katerina, Stampanis Kostas, Tenova Iordanka,  Tzoura  Victoria,  Chatzistefanou  Anna-Maria,  Chrysidi Anna.

Curator: Katerina Mpatziou, Photographer


Β.  «Artists  Books: (1821-2021) Фёдор Достоевский».

Paricipants are 34 artists from Greece, Balkans and Russia.

Seçkin Tercan (TR), Eleanna Barba (GR), Thodoris Lalos GR), Georgia Grigoriadou (GR), Vanessa Touzloukof (GR), Thanassis Raptis (GR), Giannis Pomakis (GR), Giannis Stamenitis (GR), Sakis Otambasidis (GR) , Stefania Patrikiou (GR), Kostas Koumlis (GR), Vasilis Karkatselis (GR), Efthimis Mouratidis (GR), Stavroula kaziale (GR), Sofya Yetcina (RU / SERBIA), Marina Schelokova (RU), Michail Pogarsky (RU), Kira Matissen (RU), Mikhail Roshniak (RU), V.Korchagin (RU), Vasily Vlasov (RU), Viktor Loukin -Kseniya Loukina (RU), Daniel Balanescu - Nadia Marina Debattista (RO / UK), Ekaterina Zinovkina (RU), Sara Tanaskovic (Serbia), Djordje Odanovic (Serbia), Gordana Kaljalovic (Serbia), Jana Lulovska (MK), Rafaela Deligianni (GR), Katerina Batziou (GR), Elena Chatziathanasiou (GR), Kristiana Iliopolos (GR), Anastasia Tsetoulidou (GR), Rania Fragoulidou (GR)

Curated by Thanassis Raptis, Photographer

The catalogue


Γ. «Publications and materials for Dostoyevski»

Curator: Sakis Otampasidis, Collector-Photographer


Δ. «Camera reads»

Curator: Giannis Fragoulis, Film director


Artists' Books: (1821-2021) Фёдор Достоевский

2021 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky worldwide and a number of events are planned around the world, in memory of him and his work.

The Austrian writer Stefan Zweich writes, among other things, about the author: “... Behind every diaphragm of his work, behind every hero, behind every aspect of his veils, reigns the eternal night and the eternal light -this is because his destiny is inextricably linked with all the mystery of Being. His world moves between death and madness, between dream and tangible reality ... ”

Photography Center of Thessaloniki/ Greece is organizing an artists' books exhibition. Participants are 34 artists from Greece, the Balkans and Russia and includes book-based art objects, which are leafed through or function in space like sculptures.

In the presented works can be seen the desire of the artists to see the world through Dostoevsky's soul and eyes, to follow his obsessions, to feel how the author felt when he was immersed in the sanctuaries of the human soul.

Aesthetically, the works follow the tradition of the good, handmade book of the past, before the time of its industrialization.

The handmade art books are unique works of applied art. Hardcover books, leporellos, books with paintings, engravings or photography, from rare papers, in conventional or unconventional form, books-sculptures, are presented with their multifaceted visual expressions while maintaining their narrative power. They reflect, like all works of art, the idea, the messages, the quests, the psychic world, the aesthetics and the beliefs of the visual artist.

The ancestors of artists' books, as we know them today, first appeared in England during the time of William Blake (1757–1827). The whole of the 20th c. found a prominent place in all European avant-garde movements.

We also find artists' books in the pioneering movements of the' 60s in Europe and America. From the beginning of the 70's it is considered an autonomous genre, another form of artistic expression and visual experimentation, such as performances, art installations, mail-art. One of the first examples is the creations of Fluxus, in the 60's-70's.


"Artists' Books: (1821-2021) Фёдор Достоевский" -  Exhibitions

9- 26 of February, 2022, at Vila Bianca (Casa Bianca) Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki 

25 - 28 of November, 2021 the exhibition is presented in the frame of 18th International Book Fair of Thessaloniki 

11- 16 of August, 2021 The first presentation of the exhibition at the local school of Livadi, in the frame of “Livadi of the Ephemeral V”

With the support of Cultural Association of Livadi and the Local Community.

The concert