31/12/2020 Fluxus International Mail Art Open Call

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Due to the deterioration of the pandemic situation in Greece and the strict conditions imposed on public gatherings, we decided to postpone the event that was scheduled for September 2020, in the context of the 1st International Meeting of the Greek FLUXUS. The people in charge of the archeological site where the event would take place, before the final approval of the concession of the site, asked for ascertainments and imposed suspensive conditions for the way we had structured our programme as well as for the number of visitors we are expecting. Fortunately, we are postponing the event for the Spring of 2021.

International Mail Art Exhibition. Theme: FLUXUS, in the frame of 1st International Meeting of greek FLUXUS 


You can visit:

The envlelopes

Fluxus VS COVIDE19

FLUXελευθερία! FLUXUSfreedom!

Be a postage stamp!


Participants are:

Konstantia Vlachidou/Greece, Evagelia-Natalia Mpoutasi/Greece, Chorianopoulou Maria/Greece, Cascadia Artpost/USA, Sabela Baña/España, Horst Tress/Germany, Katerina Nikoltsou/Greece, Atelier Stamenitis/Greece, Tofuart/USA, Jozef Beyls/Belgium, Magkoni Souzana/Greece, Shellie Lewis/USA, Keiichi Nakamura/Japan, Janys Oliveira/Brazil, Ekaterini Kondyli/Greece, Sylvy van Bochove/The Netherlands, Luc Fierens/Belgium, Jullie R.Matevish/USA, Athanasia Panagea/Greece, Papadopoulos Eleftherios (Arelis)/Greece, Mindaugas Zuromskas/Lithuania, Terri Witck/USA, Leslie Atkins/USA, Cinzia Farina/Italy, Elsa van den Hoogen/Belgium, Angela Caporaso/Italy, Marina Salmaso/ Denmark, NO-INSTITUTE/ Germany, David Stonp/ USA, Sandeagons/ USA, Mikel Untzilla/ Pais Vasko (Spain), Hwe Höfig/ Germany, Fluxusfest/ USA, Generoso Vella/ Italy, Lome Lorenzo/ Italy, Sofia Bakirtzi/ Greece, Giorgos Paleologos/ Greece, Jean-Marc Hierholzer/ France, Libro Art Atelier Felipe, Lamadrid/ Spain, Wolfgang Gunther/ Germany, Annet Scholten/ The Netherlands, Silvano Pertone/ Italy, John Held jr/ USA, Patrice Monchy/ France, Steven Boksenbaum/ USA, Miguel Jimenez/ Spain, Rafael Gonzalez/ Spain, Maggie McAndrews/ UK, Miche-Art-Universalis/ Belgium, VIAC/ Austria, Pedro Bericat/ Spain, Lutz Beeke/ Germany, The Sticker Dude/ USANasta Spencer/ Russia, Lars Schumacher/ Germany, Michelangelo Mayo/ USA, Johann Leschinkohl/ Germany, Simon Warre/ UK, Domingo Sanz Montero/ Espana, Clinton Sheeper/ USA, Pantea Andrei Alecsandru/ Romania, Joachim Buchholz/ Germany, Josh Rosen/ USA, Susanne Schumacher/ Germany, Sandra Gea/ Greece, Pascal Lenoir/ France, Tsouma Chrysanthi/ Greece, Sfinias Giorgis/ Greece, Anja Mattila-Tolvanen/ Finland, Francesko Cornello/ Italy, Amadeu Escorcio/ Portugal, Zisi Maria/ Greece, Maggi Ruggero/ Italy, Fusun Selen Bilginer/ Turkey, Roberto Scala/ Italy, Barbara Ihme/ Germany, Burak Boyraz/ Turkey, Edla Lintolehto/ Finland, 'Atelier Belony' LiJka KopeJtkova , Rumjana Kurastamova/ Bulgaria, Pal Csaba/ Hungary, Bandini Fabrizio/ Italy, Givanni and Renata 'stra DA DA'/ Italy, Deryz Avci/ Turkey, Ioannis Anastasiou/ Greece, Poul Poclage/ Danmark, Merja H.Lepisto/ Finland, João Bravo/ Portugal, A.M.Chatzistefanou/ Greece, Joey Patrickt/ USA, Jiki Subrt/ Chech Republic, Patrick Anderson-MacQuoid/ Ireland, L.Stouten/ The Netherlands, Lorenz MuelleMorenius/ Germany, Heiln Annegret/ Germany, Katy Papanaoum/ Greece, Gerben Hermanus/ The Netherlands, Ad Graafmans/ The Netherlands, Ryosuke Cohen/ Japan, Petra Fenijn/ The Netherlands, Daniele Virgilio/ Italy, Enzo Correnti/ Italy, Collective Zero/ N. Macedonia, The Wasted Angel/ Belgium, HermA Deenen/ Netherland, Gorancho Gjorgievski/ N. Macedonia, Michel Della Vedova/ France, Stefano Pasquini/ Italy, Daniele Virgilio/ Italy, Tyhorsten Fuhrmann/ Germany, Tohei Mano/ Japan, Maria Benedetta Iandolo/ Italy, , Y metze makers/ The Netherlands, Maria Resende/ Portugal, Piet Franzen SIPAC/ The Netherlands, Turkan Elci/ Turkey, Wolfgang Faller/ Germany, Yvonne Rooding/ The Netherlands , Vittorio Politano/ Italy, Alexander Charistos/ Austria, Sergio Guerrini/ Italy, Liz Mares/ USA, Meral Agar/ Turkey, Atalay Mustafa/ Turkey, Katerina Mpatziou/ Greece, Forever/ USA, Jan Theunick/ Belgium, clip-paper.art.br/ Brazil, DADANAUTIC/ Germany, Konstantinou Veronica/ Greece, Serse Luigetti/ Iatly, Diana Kroshilova/ Russia, Ingeborg Henrichs/ Germany, Michael Rodge/ Norway, Francisca Geron Herrera/ Mexico, Giannis Chologounis/ Greece, Luts Anders/ Germany, Maya Lopez Muro & Stella Maris Velasco/ Italy, Ioannis Monogios/ Greece, Marita Mpasdra/ Greece, Katerina Karabasiliou/ Greece, Maria Zoi Kamariotidou/ Greece, Mouratidis Efthimis/ Greece, Muiger Cengiz/ Turkey , Guido Capuano/ Italy, Eleni Galanaki/ Greece, Berivan Kiziltas/ Turkey, Anna Papavassiliou/ Greece, Marina Provatidou/ Greece, Yasmin Lindemann/ Switzerland, Kostas Koumlis/ Greece, Giannis Pomakis/ Greece, Thanassis Raptis/ Greece, Chatzi Panagiota/ Greece, Giorgos Peppas/ Greece, Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti/ Greece, Boulgaridi Maria/ Greece, Iloridou Soultana/ Greece, Kossyvas Thanos/ Greece, Dorothee Mesander/ Greece, Giannis Chologounis/ Greece, Prokopiou Dimitris/ Greece, Fotiadou Aria/ Greece, Kompatsiari Maria/ Greece, Ganda Elena/ Greece, Drakoulakou Ioustini/ Greece, Anastasiou Katerina/ Greece, Topaka Avgi/ Greece, Lioliou Katerina/ Greece, Gourikas Antonis/ Greece, Di Giosia Elena/ Greece, Tsolaridis Lazaros/ Greece, Sotiriadou Nopi/ Greece, Martin Olavegoya Hurtado/ Peru, Liapopoulos Agiris/ Greece, Dominika Hoyle/ Poland, Paraskevopoulou Konstantina/ Greece, Picasso Gaglione/ USA, Karkatselis Vassilis/ Greece, Louloudi Gianna/ Greece, Anastasia Gkitsi/ Germany, Pistol Pete/ USA, Adolfina de Stefani/ Italy, Hilary Gilligan/ Ireland, Kimon Axaopoulos/ Greece, Sakis Otabeuvsidis-Gardasakis / Greece, Martina Zinni/ Italy, Luca Zanta/ Italy, Olga Mavroidis/ USA, Guido Capuano/ Italy, Verdiana Calia – Mattia Montemezzani/ Italy, Antonella Fiore- F&A/ Italy, Max Rovellini- F&A/ Italy, Simone Croce- F&A/ Italy, Roberto Keppler/ Brasil, Ryosuke Cohen/ Japan,T.Veeyer/ The Netherlands, Atelier Almayer/ Italy, Caroline Koenders/ Greece

There is no participation fee.
All submitted work will be exhibited.
There should be original stamp and stamp on the work or envelope.
Work should be done on paper.
Racist, fanatical, pornographic and sexual exploitation related to gender discrimination will not be included in the exhibition.
Mails must be original works
The work will not be returned to the participants.
We accept no liability for any problems caused by damage, delays or losses in cargo.
In the work technique, size, year, name, surname, postal address and e-mail address of the participant should be written.
Artists who are sending their works are deemed to have accepted that their work does not have a commercial value.
Every participant will receive a printed art photography from the actions of 1st International Meeting of Greek FLUXUS.

Technical: Free
Size: A6 (10x15cm) - A4 (29.7x 21cm)
Participation: It is open to all artists
Work must be sent by postal service. Maximum 2 work

Post Box 17069 -TK 54210 Thessaloniki/Greece

New!!!   Spring of 2021
1st International Meeting of Greek FLUXUS includes:

-mail art. Theme: 'FLUXUS'
-poetry and other texts reading
-music collaboratons mainly with the use of traditional instruments
-musical-theatrical performances
-theme happenings about art, gender relationships, gastronomy etc

This meeting is a collaboration of Photography Center of Thessaloniki and 3rd Workshop of School of Visual and Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, AUTh (Director: Giorgos Tsakiris) with Fluxus Zone Atelier by Giannis Stamenitis.


...more information
Giannis Stamenitis giannis@stamenitis.com
Thanassis Raptis raptisth@the.forthnet.gr



"Be a FLUXUS postage stamp!" ...the video! Participants from: Argentina, Siberia, Italia, España, Romania, Greece, Brazil, Austria, USA, Germany, UK, Mexico, Bulgaria, Chile, Venezuela



We can in Fluxus always find somebody who did it before.

Fluxus importance
Is Fluxus giving a lot of importance to non importance ?
Is Fluxus giving no importance to importance ?

Fluxus artists like playing "Fluxus wisdom"
They keep coming out with sentences that are supposed to carry profound wisdom exemple Filliou when he says : "on verra bien" ,
or Ben when he says art is always the same thing.

If in politics everything is lies
why not in Fluxus ?

Fluxus roots
If Fluxus was a tree where are its roots ?
Cage ? Duchamp ? Zen ? Malewitch ?
Culture and Fluxus
Culture is just another way of remembering who we are.
Culture contains another way of telling the other : you are not me.
Fluxus could change that.

Fluxus n'est pas
Comme nous sommes beaucoup à ne pas savoir de quoi est fait Fluxus, voici ce que, d'après moi, n'est pas Fluxus :
Fluxus n'est pas du professionnalisme,
FLuxus n'est pas dans la production de produits d'art,
Fluxus ce n'est pas des femmes à poil,
Fluxus n'est pas du pop art,
Fluxus n'est pas du théâtre intellectuel d'avant garde ou de boulevard,
Fluxus n'est pas l'expressionnisme allemand,
Fluxus n'est pas de la poésie visuelle pour sténo-dactylos qui s'ennuient.

Mais alors que contient Fluxus ?
Fluxus contient parfois "l'event" de Georges Brecht : mettre un vase de fleurs sur le piano.
Fluxus contient parfois l'action vie/musique : faire venir un professionnel du tango pour danser sur scène.
Fluxus cherche parfois à établir une relation entre la vie et l'art,
Fluxus contient parfois le gag, le divertissement et le choc,
Fluxus contient parfois une attitude envers l'art, le non art, l'anti art, le refus de l'ego,
Fluxus contient parfois une grande part de l'enseignement de John Cage, du Dada, du Zen.
Fluxus est parfois léger et contient de l'humour.

Fluxus does not exist
Fluxus is manipulated by the CIA :
reality is eating , sleeping, fucking.
Not Fluxus.

Fluxus and pluri-culturalism
If Fluxus is open to life,
that means Fluxus is open to diversity,
because life contains diversity.
But if Fluxus is open to diversity
then it is open to all cultures.
I can thus imagine an eskimo coming to Fluxus with eskimo Fluxus,
a German with German Fluxus, etc etc.
Now, my question is : "diversity contains difference, is there a common denominator that joins all the Fluxus of all these cultures together,
and if this common denominator exists, isn't it the premices of a new
imperialism ?

Fluxus and ego
Fluxus never announced officially it wanted to destroy or change ego
but to realise Fluxus's aims, ego had to be changed
and that turned out to be impossible
so we can assume Fluxus failed.

Fluxus is making history
or is it history that makes history ?
Ben Vautier went to the toilets
three times yesterday, is that Fluxus history ?
If, as John Cage said,
something is always happening,
then history is always happening.
Beethoven or drip music,
both are history,
if everything is history we don't need history any more.

Fluxus and art
Is Fluxus supposed to change art ?
Or leave it as it is,
or make art look useless,
or not care a dam about art ?

Encore du bla bla bla de bla bla sur Fluxus par Ben en français
Fluxus, comme ce fut le cas pour Dada, devient ce qu'il ne voulait pas être :
des produits, de l'importance, de la gloire,
et très bientôt un star système.
On verra Fluxus manipulé à des fins nationales,
Fluxus Allemagne contre Fluxus U.S.A.

Fluxus is a joke
but when I think of art and its supposed importance I don't feel like joking .

Fluxus versus art
Fluxus could after all be more important than it looks like, for that we would have to assume art is less important than it looks like, or that art is less positive than we believe.

Fluxus est un art d'attitude, qui contient un détachement de la part de l'artiste envers l'art.

could be art turning true,
or art getting "on" itself,
or art trying auto-criticism,
or art going "bust".

Fluxus est en train de se contredire dans la mesure où ce sont des râtés en train de réussir
et qui ont la gloire grâce à leur discours anti-gloire.
Il y a même une tendance Zen Gloire dans Fluxus :
avoir la gloire pour avoir été le premier à proposer une vie ordinaire.
Fluxus se mange la queue.

Si Fluxus était une barrique, il serait plein d'egos.

Si Fluxus était une fleur, j'aurais aimé qu'il soit une ortie mais je crois qu'en réalité c'est un bouquet de petits bourgeois qui aimeraient se faire passer pour des orties.

Si Fluxus était une voiture ce serait une Mazeratti déguisée en 2 CV ou pour certains une 2 CV déguisée en Mazeratti.

Fluxus voulait changer l'art .
Aujourd'hui Fluxus reconnait qu'il n'a rien changé . Il a tout au plus posé une question.
Fluxus a échoué à cause de la nature humaine. L'ensemble des artistes Fluxus est aussi égoïste que l'ensemble des artistes faisant de l'abstraction sur la place du Tertre.

Why are people interested in Fluxus ?
answers :
Because of our great intelligence ? no
because we are creators ? no
because we are creative musicians ? no
because we are radical ? no
because we represent newness ? no
because they can make money with us ? yes

Flynt's theory is too complicated to get straight,
yet he jungles with some very interesting extremes,
one of which is "destroy humanity " .
Ben's theory is that Fluxus is a rupture, not a variation that is to say something really new. A new way of looking ay art.
Beuys' theory is everybody is an artist and direct democracy.
Ben believes that Beuy's theory is 90% demagogy, that is to say hypocrisy.
Maciunas' theory is that art must return to its initial function : divertissement ,and also be popular not elitic .
Ben believe that Maciunas is 60% right in wanting art to change and become funny,
but wrong when he supposes it can turn anti elitic.
Philip Corner's theory is reality. Don't disturb reality, just point to it.
Dick Higgins theory is intermedia that is to say nothing ( I am anti intermedia).
Eric's theory is "how can I find a theory to be important ? "

Philip Corner
I recieved from Philip Corner the following statement. I consider as one of the best I have read since a long time :
after Duchamp you can still do whatever you want
after John Cage you can still do whatever you want
after Michelangelo you can still do whatever you want
after Ben you can still do whatever you want
after Philip Corner you can still do whatever you want
after Beethoven you can still do whatever you want
after Buddha you can still do whatever you want
after Abraham you can still do whatever you want
after Moses you can still do whatever you want
after Jesus you can still do whatever you want
after Picasso you can still do whatever you want
after Bach you can still do whatever you want
after Mahomet you can still do whatever you want
after Boulez you can still do whatever you want
after Gaudi you can still do whatever you want

In 1962 and 63 Fluxus came as a revelation to me,
a solution to art, something radical and new .
30 years later, it has lost its magic, it's just ego and money .

How to archieve Fluxus show
Get together a bunch of old papers leaflets
given out or sent out in the sixties by H. Flynt,
Maciunas etc, add some reliques of concert such as photos have everything framed ,
get an art critic to write 15 pages on life art attitude, print a fat catalogue,
(use the same old papers in Bologna in Wiesbaden in New York but frame them framed differently ) .

The Fluxus collector
of leaflets never says
- "can I buy them ?"
but only
- "can you spare some ? " 


...more about FLUXUS:


'...A few Fluxus people and neo-Fluxus people believe Fluxus is still a flag to follow, while others believe that “Fluxus hasn’t ever taken place yet!” ... is fortunately still with us. Today it goes by many names and no name, resisting institutionalization under the name Fluxus even as it did while Fluxus packaged pieces of it decades ago...'