The Meadow (Livadi) of the Ephemeral III

Photography Center of Thessaloniki is organizing every 2 years, in collaboration with the Art Group TeeToTuM, a four-day residence / art workshop, in the village Livadi (Meadow) (Thessaloniki Prefecture).In this workshop would create artwork using materials collected from the surrounding area.

21/6 – 25/6/17

Participants are: Zhanhong Liao, Lara Vrettou,
Eleni Karadagli, Akeka Tsironi, Adroditi Dafnou, Ariadni Pediotaki, Mikhail Pogarsky, Thodoris Lalos, Thanassis Raptis, Vassilis Karkatselis, Anna Lioka, Vassilis Alexandrou, Georgia Grigoriadou, Kaiti Papanaoum, Jenny Ntokou.

On Wednesday 21/6 at 8 p.m. in the school of Livadi (Thermi municipality), in the begining of the artists' meeting ''The medow of the ephemeral'', the Russian visual artist and collector of artistic publications Mikhail Pogarsky will make a presentation on the variety of such Artistic Books. He then will present methods of making handmade paper with the addition of materials taken from nature, in order to construct a book created by a group of people, using a variety of techniques.(collage,manuscript,drawing etc.) 

On Thursday 22/6, at 8 pm in the school of Livadi (Thermi municipality),George Tsaras ,Proffessor of the Visual Arts Department of the Fine Arts Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, will present that piece of his work which is concerned with sculpture in the city landscape and in nature.

On Friday 23/6 at 8pm, the participating artists will present their work which deals with art in a city environment as well as in nature.

On Saturday 24/6 ,at 5pm a performance workshop will be held by Afroditi Dafnou, Ariadni Pediotaki and Zhanhong Liao. Participants are the children living in the village. 

Finally on Sunday 25/6 ,at 12 noon, the opening and tour of the artworks produced during the workshops will be showcased .The opening will be accompanied by a performance in the nature by Afroditi Dafnou, Ariadni Pediotaki and Zhanhong Liao, with the participation of the children living in the village.