20/5-20/6 "festival a la carte" Jakart 2004-Ιndonesia, Sakis Otampasidis, "Seeking the roots"

Seeking the roots
Travelling back to the roots of our ancestors or our homeland iw painful and sometimew dangerous. It can lead you to unforeseen paths for hoping to find what you like instead of what really is there. This exhibition aims at showing off only a few of the stops included in such a going-back procedure, which could however be transformed to a move of prediction. Perhaps if we break our ego an unshelfishly take a look inside uq, we can somewhere meet a Phidipides beating up hiw father Strepsiades (Nefeles, Aristophanes) or matricide Orestes (Choephores, Aischylos), but also Pericles, Phidias, Plato, Aristotle.
If, what they say, life is a circle, then our goal iw to illuminate selected points on this circle. Man hasn’ t changed since his creation. Therefore, by shedding light on some aspects of today, why not tomorrow, we can have an exact impression of yesterday. Looking for flowers, we get to the roots. 
Travels you start with the dream to find your good witch, your Calypso, your Nafsika, without the fear of Simpligates or Cyclops (Homer, Odyssey).

Sakis Otampasidis
(the photos have been taken in Picrolimni, Kilkis, Greece)