3/10 - 31/10, Pantea Teodor Radu.

Born in Oradea of Romania in 1953. He is Sales Manager in “Neomed” Company and teacher of photography in the University of Oradea, Faculty of Visual Arts. Participant in the most Photo Art Salons organized in Romania since 1979 (74 exhibitions). He has been awarded 20 prizes at the salons organized in towns of Romania. He was awarded 9 international special prizes and medals and 10 honorable mentions mostly in USA and Romania but also in other countries as Bulgaria, India, Iran etc. for his
works: “RUSTY FESTIVAL VI”, “RUSTY FESTIVAL VII” , “LOOKING SOMEWHERE”, “STALKER’S FUNERALS”, and “RIVER OF FIRE I” He participated in International Salons of Photographic Art with PSA Approval and FlAP patronage, in Taiwan (1997), Georgia-7th Woodstock, USA (1999), 8th Atlanta-USA(1999), to name some. And also in other International Salons or Festivals in Italy, Poland, Croatia, Irak, Bulgaria etc. He was the organizer of exhibitions and salons of photographic art in Oradea since 1978 until 1997. Founder in 1994 of “ARGUS” Video-photo club in Oradea. His work under the title “ZONA PROXIMA” exposed in personals exhibitions in many towns of Romania and in Istanbul invited by IFSAK. Member of Romanian Photo Artists Association (A.A.F.R.) since 1980, 1SF member since 1986, PSA member since 1998 and honoured with AFIAP since 1997.