19/2 - 2/3, "Lomo Walls".

«Lomo Life»

First of all- WHAT IS LOMOGRAPHY? The Lomographic Society was founded 1992 in Vienna, from Austrian students who discovered the Russian Lomo Kompakt Automat camera and created a totaly new kind of photography: Lomography. The headquarters in Vienna started as an art project, organizing exhibitions, parties and events whith thousands of people from Vienna partizipating as artists and as guests. Nowadays the Lomographic Society has a worldwide network of Lomo-Embassies and consulates αnd the lomographic idea has rapidly been carried around the globe, through exhibitions and events. 
Lomography is not supposed to interrupt life, but be a part of it, Lomography goes beyond classical and professional photography. Because of that, the main goals of Lomography are not perfect arrangement, quality or common rules of professional photography, but spontaneous shooting in everyday life, with sometimes surprising results. Lomography has created it`s own specific rules, check them out and get more infos on: www.lomography.com

LOMO-CAMERAS: Apart from the special idea Lomo also offers special cameras...not only the classic old russian LOMO, but, our new products with 4 or even 9 (!!!) linses, SUPER-SAMPLER, ACTION-SAMPLER, POP 9,... producing several shots with only one click, giving u the opportunity to catch movements on a normal-sized photography (see our gallery)!!!

LOMO IN GREECE: Since last year Geda Böck (Lomo-embassy Thessaloniki) and Vasilis Karkatselis (Photography Center) are building up a “branche” of lomographers in Northern Greece, connecting people who already know LOMO-cameras and getting new ones interested, cause after all, everybody can join us!!! We are opened to everybody who wants to find his/her destination as a passionate lomographer...try it! If u have already a Lomo-camera, show us your pictures, if not, borrow one from us and learn to know (and love) it!

EVENTS: Our first project in thessaloniki happened last winter, over months we collected greek Lomo-pictures (from all over the country). In February we took over the basement of the photograpy center for two weeks, exposing and collecting pictures at the same time, building LOMO-walls from many different pics and celebrating beach-atmosphere in winter...see the results here!
Many people came to see our self-built Lomo-walls, and of course they wanted to try these crazy cameras themselves...lots of new pictures were made during our event and afterwards. This was our START – up here, now we continue...

Watch out our lomo – walls in the web and see pictures from:
.....Vasilis Karkatselis, Geda Böck, Kaiti Papanaum, Chrisoula Mamougla, Manolis Kasimatis, Stavros Dagtzidis, Dimitris Mastorakos, Jorgos Eothis, Eleonora Nikolaidou, Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Tasoula Dimitriadi, Dimitris Kioseoglou, .....

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE Our next project is already under construction, more about this u can find under the section “exhibitions outside the photography center”. Just to know...there will be an exhibition in October, with lots of happenings, in the center of the city, and u are welcomed to participate!!!
If u want to get any more informations, borrow or buy cameras, subscribe on our mailing-list, or just have a chat about LOMO- feel free to CONTACT:
Geda Böck - Lomo-Embassy Thessaloniki
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54645 Thessaloniki
Tel. 0310-818.887 mobile: 094-4983446
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