18/1- 14/2, Katy Papanaoum COLOUR TRANSFORMATIONS


Experimentation in new ways of photography is rather interesting. 

The fulfillment of my target is accomplished by avoidance of strick photographic depiction. This 

technique exceeds the boundaries of photography and in order to approach painting. The composition of forms figures and shapes in strong bright colours escapes from the margins and spreads out within and out of the frame with aim the stimulation of spectator imagination.

Katy Papanaoum was born in Siatista -Kozani where she lived untill 11years old. Then she moved in Thessaloniki. 

She works in the Ministry for the Enviroment, Regional Planning and Public Works and her hobby is Photography. 

She attended photography courses in the Photography Centre of  Triandria- Thessaloniki. 

She is also an active member of Photography and Cinema Club of Thessaloniki and active member of Photography Centre of  Triandria -Thessaloniki.  

A. She took place in group exhibitions on the subjects: 
1.  Venezia -Landscape 1987 
2.  Swiss Landscape 1995 
3.  National Minorities of  Thrace 1995 
4.  Valia- Calda (Greece) 1997 
5.  Photodrama 1998 
6.  In the turn of the century 1999

B.- Private exhibitions 
1.- Retrospective exhibition 1998
2.- Colour Transformations 1999