Mikhail Pogarsky – The Library of the Openings and the Enlightenments

23/6 – 30/6/2015     TETTIX Art Gallery,  3, Dialeti str, Thessaloniki / Greece

Opening: Tuesday 23/6,    8pm

Workshop: Monday  29/6,     6-9pm              

The interdisciplinary project “The Library of the openings and enlightenments” is based on the synthesis of art, philosophy and literature. This project is developing an absolutely new approach to working with the book. The project remove book in new space from the waste practices not only classic book, but many experiments with a artist’s book .

“The Library of the openings and enlightenments” is a whole bunch of metaphors, ideas, symbols and visual images, with the general formula: “Art and literature should bear the light.”

The library-installation symbolizes the spiral of knowledge, the image of the global information space, the Stephane Mallarme idea of Orphic description of land . This is not just a collection of half dozen books and video-works, but the territory of a new, radically different art system that preserves the eternal values.

The library consists of 6 books, each of which is self-sufficient work of art and literature. Books reflect the diversity of literary and artistic quest. Installation include video-work. The library is collected: Opening of the Time, Opening of the Creative, Opening of the Snow, Enlightenment of the Poetry, Enlightenment of the Civilization, Enlightenment of the Art. Each book is written, designed and made by the author of the project.

When the books of the library are closed, the whole installation reminds modern iconostasis (bibliostas), each book is icon which burns its little lamp spotlight.

The discovery of books transformed into an interactive performance. Books fall out, bring down their cultural Messages on the heads of readers-viewers.

Fully disclosed library – is informative and visually explosion. Intertwined DNA art and culture. Mega-coil images, ideas and characters. Straightens the spring of opening.