2nd Photo Based mail art exhibition 2016

Exhibition Opening: 16th of May of 2016, 8pm
Vlassis Art Gallery / Thessaloniki/ Greece

2nd Photo Based mail art exhibition 2016
Photography Center of Thessaloniki and artist group TeeToTuM Organize the 2nd Ιnternational Photo based Mail Art Exhibition
Theme: “Monuments/Mnimia”

Participants are:

Alan Entin (USA), Alexander Charistos (Austria), Alexandra Heaseker (Canada), Anabela G. & Bruno C. (Berlgium), Anastasia Gkitsi (Greece), Andreas Venianakis (Greece), Andreas Georgiou (Greece), Angelos Sofianidis (Greece), Anja Mattila-Tolvanen (Finland), Anna Kallidou (Greece), Anna Maria Chatzistefanou (Greece), Anna Tsolakidou (Greece), Anny Vlachopoulou (Greece), Antonia Mayol Castello (Spain), Antonio Mousinho (Portugal), Antonis Gkiourkas (Greece), Baraldi Gian Carlo (Italy), Begum Acar (Turkey), Berchtold Jürg (Switzerland), Bernhard Zillig (Germany), Borderline Grafix (USA), Burak Erhan Tarlakazan (Turkey), Cem Demir (Turkey), Connie Jean (USA), Cristian Bibbo (Switzerland), Cynthia Morrison (USA), Daniel de Culla (Spain), Danai Georgiou (Greece), Davide La Luna (Switzerland), Derek Michael Besant (Canada), Derya Eksioglu (Turkey), Dimitris Babas (Greece), Dimitris Danis (Greece), Dimitris Papadelis (Greece), Dimitris Savvidis (Greece), Dimosthemis Eppas (Greece), Dorian Ribas Marinho (Brazil), Dorothee Mesander (Greece – Holland), E.Burak Ozelmaci (Turkey), Efthimis Mouratidis (Greece), Elena Ganda (Greece), Eleutherios Mikros (Greece), Elsa Papagiannopoulou (Greece), Erasmia Metallidou (Greece), Euthalia Kaderoglou (Greece), Evi Dallidou (Greece), Evmorfia Ghika Rachoufi (Greece – Switzerland), Eytyxia Petala (Greece), Florian Leibetseder (Austria), Fotini Hamidieli (Greece), Franco Semini/Guiseppe Piffaretti (Switzerland), Frosso Visovitou (Greece), Füsun Selen Bilginer (Turkey), Georgia Grigoriadou (Greece), Georgios Kapelonis (Greece), Giannis Monogyos (Greece), Giannis Siozios (Greece), Giorgos Mantas (Greece), Giouli Ierapetritaki (Greece), Golfa di Lugano (Switzerland), Guiseppe Piffaretti (Switzerland), Gulsum Yilmaz (Turkey), Harris Louvros (Greece), Hiromi Isogami (Japan), Horst Tress (Germany), Ingeborg Rath (Germany), Ioannis Pomakis (Greece), Iordanka Tenova (Greece), Ivana Galli Scoglio (Switzerland), Jasmina Petrovic (Serbia), Jeannette Müller (Switzerland), Jelena Jovancov (Montenegro), Joao Castela Cravo (Portugal), John Gayer (Finland), John M. Bennett (USA), Judy Skolnick (USA), K. Nikoltsou (Greece), Karla Kolberg Lipp (Brazil), Kazunori Murakami (Japan), Kehagias Sotirios (Greece), Kemal Ozyurt (Turkey), Kostas Pittas(Greece), Lamprini Kostika (Greece), Lars Schumacher (Germany), Laurel Lueders (USA), Magdalini Pouggoura (Greece), Mailarta (Canada), Maks Dannecker (Germany), Manfred Heinze (Germany), Manolis Agiannitis (Greece), Maria Katsamouri (Greece), Maria Lamprianidou (Greece), Marianna La Luna (Switzerland), Marie-Christine De Grave (Belgium), Marina Miletic (Ireland), Marina Salmaso (Denmark), Marzia Maria Braglia (Italy), Meni Seiridou (Greece), Meral Agar (Turkey), Merve Acikgoz (Turkey), Michael Angelo Rodriguez (USA), Michael Wagner (Germany), Michel Della Verdova (France), Mikhail Pogarsky (Russia), Mirjam Wydler (Austria), Nergis Kara (Turkey), Niki Mpatsi (Greece), Oya Abaci (Turkey), Paola Rezzonico (Switzerland), Patrick Anderson Mc Quoid (Ireland), Pedro Bericat (Spain), Peter Nikoltsos (Greece), Pons Lysiane (Greece), Popi Staurianou (Greece), Predrag Kovacic (Serbia), Rita Tilkeridou (Greece),Roberto Scala (Italy), Ryosuke Cohen (Japan), Sandra S. Schmidt (Germany), Silvano Pertone (Italy), Simona Cresta (Switzerland), Sofia Amperidou (Greece), Sofia Arfanaki (Greece), Sofia Gavala (Greece), Sofia Xulapetsidou (Greece), Spyros Amoiropoulos (Greece), Stauros Xiros (Greece), Stefanus Endry Pragusta (Indonesia), Susane Schumacher (Germany), Taylan Sari (Turkey), Tansu Guler (Turkey), Terry Reid de Plume (Australia), Thanasis Athanasiadis (Greece), Thanasis Raptis (Greece), Thodoris Lalos (Greece), Thomai Tzimou (Greece), Triada Maragozi (Greece), Valentina Benassi (Switzerland), Vasiliki Gerokosta (Greece), Vasilis Karkatselis (Greece), Vasilis Mantas (Greece), Veebee Vanberg (USA), Victor Femenias (Chile), Victoria Snappy , Vito Noto (Switzerland), Voula Lioliou (Greece), Wolfgang Kraus (Germany), Xavier Monsalvatje (Spain), Zlatko Krstevski (FYROM)


monument [noun mon-yuh-muh nt] 1. something erected in memory of a person, event, etc., as a building, pillar, or statue: the Washington Monument. 2. any building, megalith, etc., surviving from a past age, and regarded as of historical or archaeological importance. 3. any enduring evidence or notable example of something: a monument to human ingenuity. 4. an exemplar, model, or personification of some abstract quality, especially when considered to be beyond question: a monument of middle-class respectability. 5. an area or a site of interest to the public for its historical significance, great natural beauty, etc., preserved and maintained by a government. 6. a written tribute to a person, especially a posthumous one. 7. Surveying. an object, as a stone shaft, set in the ground to mark the boundaries of real estate or to mark a survey station.

Retrieved from: http://dictionary.referenc                   

Monuments of today and of days past. Faraway monuments and familiar ones. Monuments of ugliness and monuments of beauty. Monuments of ours and those of our enemies. Monuments of faith and others of unfaithfulness. Monuments of loyalty and others of treason. Monuments of the personal and the collective memory. Monuments of tomorrow that yet remain unseen.

The works will be for sale and all collected money will be to support a Greek NGO of social solidarity.

About Works:
1. We can only accept works based on a photo, or works that deal with the technique of photography, or imply photo as a basic technique, or the use of manipulated photo to produce a new work, or photo collage etc.
2. Maximum size (including the surrounding paper) must not exceed 20cm (8 inches) X 30cm (11 inches)
3. All works will be exhibited at Vlassis Art Gallery (Thessaloniki, Greece)
4. Exhibition Opening: May of 2016
5. You can send more than one work at:
Photography Center of Thessaloniki
PO Box 50163 Thessaloniki – 54013

Entry Period
Deadline: sent your works till 31/3/2016
For more information please contact by email Georgia Grigoriadou at: gogo@go-teetotum.gr or Angelos Sofianidis at: angelos.sofianidis@gmail.com
E-invitation and e-catalogue will be sent for all participants.

Organizer: Photography Center of Thessaloniki www.fkth.gr  & artist group TeeToTuM



photographs of the previous year exhibition