21.11.2019 - Photogravure project

As part of its action plan for 2019, Thessaloniki Photographic Center organized a photo engraving workshop with the participation of experienced photographers and engravers of the city.

Participants were photographers - members of the Thessaloniki Photographic Center: Argyris Liapopoulos, Giannis Cholongounis, Efthymis Mouratidis, Lara Vrettou, Thanassis Raptis and Vassilis Karkatselis, as well as engravers: Giorgos Pallis and Stefania Patrikiou.

In this workshop, the artists applied two techniques of transferring the photographic image to metal plates and then printing the images with ink and press as engravings. In the first technique the photography image is being trasferred into zinc plates with aquatinta. This technique takes advantage of digital technology (Photoshop) and the traditional zinc etching, as become possible the creation of engravings from any digital image. The plates are common zinc plates accepting any intervention. In the other technique are used special metal plates with polymeric emulsion coating, film and UV illumination.

This workshop was a follow-up to the workshop held in 2001 with MODHIR AHMED by FALU KONSTGRAFISKA VERKSTAD, the open seminar and the exhibition by Professor Inger Lise Rasmussen from Denmark in 2002, and the photographer-member workshop of the Photographic Center of Thessaloniki at the Engraving Center of the Municipality of Neapoli, at 'Helios', in 2003. The results of the workshop will be presented in a specially designed space at this year's Art Thessaloniki Fair, at HELEXPO.