Meeting. Theme: "My gender, My self", Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki

Photography Center of Thessaloniki is organizing a series of actions in 2017 centered on Gender, under the general title "My gender, My self", as mentioned below:

On Saturday, January 14th, 2017,  a meeting was held on the theme of Gender, at the Museum of Photography and was free to the public.
Participating speakers:

  • Art Historian and Director of the Center of Contemporary Art. Syrago Tsiara., Subject: "Τhe turmoil of gender and policies of seeing in Contemporary Art"
  • Poet and editor of the literary magazine 'Eneken' Giorgos Giannopoulos, Subject: "The issue of women and class consciousness"
  • The Psychologist - Psychoanalyst and president of the Freudian Society of Northern Greece Christos Sidiropoulos, Subject: "Photography as a mirror without a surface and and gender intergration"
  • The photographer and Art Director of the Photography Center of Thessaloniki Vassilis Karkatselis, Subject: "The emergence of the Feminist Photography within the Postmodern"
  • Photographer Manos Chrysovergis, Subject: "Photography and experience on'' kinky'' sexuality"
  • The PhD Psychopathology Univ. de Paris and Author Fotis Kaggelaris, Subject: "Gender as a limit"

The conference was supported by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.