22.11.2018 - 25.11.2018, Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair 2018, "Aspects of Balkan Αrtist's Βooks"

Photography Center of Thessaloniki is presenting, in the frame of 'Aspects of Balkan Photography - 2018', group exhibition under the title: "Aspects of Balkan Αrtists' Βooks", paricipating in  "3rd Art Thessaloniki Fair". Curated by Thanassis Raptis.

From 22/11 until 25/11/2018.

Info: +30 6973221887


Stand 56 -pavillion 9, inside the HELEXPO, in the centre of Thessaloniki

Thursday 22/11  16:00-22:00 (VIP 16:00-18:00)
Friday 2311 / 09:30-21:00
Suterday & Sunday 24-25/11 / 11:00-21:00
Ticket price 6 €

Participants are: Giannis Anastasiou (GR), Vana Urosevits (FYROM), Irena Sladoje (BA), Daniel Balanescu (RO/UK), Dorothea Fleiss (RO/DE), Djordje Stanojevic(RS), Bozidar Plazinic(RS), Gordana Kaljalovic Odanovic (RS), Nikola Radosavljevic (RS), Elcin Acun (TR), Gülay Dogan (TR), Mert Çağıl Türkay (TR), Merve Seçkin (TR), Onur Girit (TR), Seçkin Tercan (TR), Mikhail Pogarsky (RU), Vassilis Karkatselis (GR), Thanassis Raptis (GR), Nikos Terzis (GR/SE), Georgia Grigoriadou (GR), Thodoris Lalos (GR), Ismini Goula (GR), Elena Zeppou (GR), Angelos Sofianidis(GR), Lia Nalbantidou (GR), Alexandra Tsitsinta (GR), Stefania Patrikiou (GR), Rania Fragoulidou (GR), Stavroula Kaziale (GR), Eleni Karadagli(GR), Elsa Tziana (GR), Photography Center of Thessaloniki - Livadi of the Ephemeral III workshop (GR), Photography Center of Thessaloniki - Workshop 'A book for the memory' (GR), Photography Center of Thessaloniki - Workshop for the Integration of photograph within the handmade paper (GR).
Curator: Thanassis Raptis


Aspects of Balkan Artists' Books

Photography Center of Thessaloniki (PhCTh) - even since 90's - following the artistic concerns of that "post modern" time, pursuing to make steps "beyond limits" of philosophy, politics and arts theories, was involved with what was called  limits of photography means.

At the same time with "pure photography", PhCTh has explored different ways of articulation of "the desired new content " , experimented with new ways of developing the photographic image and participation to public activities. The only aim and target was to multiply the possibilities of free expression of the artists combined with the expansion of  dialogue between the art of photography and the public.

Let us not forget that, while the artists and their communities abroad used to live a time of fermentation of everything, in Greece photography was excluded by all arts as non art, so it was imprisoned in the same cells that the photographers themselves used to build.

With all these agonies and concerns, we, the PhCTh photographers-members did not hesitate to move on to the expansion of the subject of our work, to enrich it, to include  other arts as well into our work, making it more complicated "artistic".

So, all these years, through workshops, publications, guesting artists, and other activities we "cured"  - among others - lommography, cheap art, mail art, photogravure, collage, ephemeral art in nature, artists' book, video art, installations, photodrama, performances, happenings, activism art in public space, but always keeping Photography as the main/basic expressing means.   

During all these years of multiple action, in the frame of Aspects of Balkan Photography program, we have collaborated with artists from Balkan countries who share the same way of expression through the book-object-sculpture, they were also interested in the special circulation of artists' book, as a special carrier of expression.

In the frame of this procedure, the present exhibition arose as a special project. The Balkan artists' works, for the first time, discuss in an environment of syncretism. The works are presented together with works of important Greek artists, as well as with a selection of works which came up after specific PhCTh workshops that took place the last two years under the introduction of Thodoris Lalos, Vasilis Karkatselis and Michael Pogarsky precisely for this co-existence.